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Ride the Vibration

Grateful Heart Grateful Earth

Ride the Vibration



Relax, forget the daily grind 

Leave your worries far behind

Sing out to clear 

your thoughts and mind

Breathe out the day 

as you unwind

The sounds sink in, 

the mantras fade

Arjon begins and magic's made

Reaching back 

through lifetimes massed

Connecting souls 

from days long past

Our loved one's presence 

fills the room

Becoming sacred space, 

a cosmic womb

Transcending time

unhinged from earth

Beginning at creations birth

Each dulcet tone, 

unique and clear

Reaches past our cool veneer

Suspending body, time and place

Surrendering in healing grace

Floating past 

our conscience bounds

Traveling the threads of sounds

On theta waves does bliss abound

Vibrations raising all around

Projecting out to astral planes

Harmonizing energies, 

entwining strains

Melodies penetrating 

soul and cell

Healing, tuning, making well

As Master Conductor 

becomes Creator of Truth

Argon's timbres and tones inspires silent sleuth

Exposing, awakening, 

at last seeing through

Accepting, grieving, 

then enjoying the view

Embracing our ancestors, forgiving past pain

Bringing on bliss 

that cannot be explained

We're raised t

o levels never known

And taken places never shown

Relieved of heavy, earthly ground

Transported, sailing, spellbound

Releasing worries, hurt and fear

Traveling on the atmosphere

So ride the vibration 

with no end in sight

Relax and release 

all the struggles you fight

Awakening each chakra, 

each nerve and each sense

Arjon raises us up 

once the gongs get intense

Let the sounds fill your cells as they vibrate along

Until mind body and spirit 

sing one single song

The Cosmic Shanti

Grateful Heart Grateful Earth

Ride the Vibration



Yoga day, 

awake at dawn, 

eager to get our yoga on

Arrive in time, 

lay down your mat, 

arrange yourself 

and now you're sat

The Cosmic Shanti lifts her face 

the room is filled 

with loving grace

Her soulful, cheerful, 

knowing smile 

reflect the prize 

of this lifestyle

As her calming, 

lilting, singing voice, 

begins the session, we rejoice

As she takes us deep 

inside our mind, 

body, spirit join sublime

Awakening our eternal core, 

urging, encouraging us 

to reach for more

Meditation guides the heart, 

studied movements 

play their part

Awakening our joy and bliss, 

the moment's now, it's only this

Aligning chakras open wide, 

beckoning to where love resides

Chanting ancient Sanskrit songs…

sounds that move the pain along

Mantras rich 

in prayer and meaning, 

calling out and then convening

Ancient masters, family, friends, 

gathering to help ascend

Climbing, flying, soaring high

to cosmic stations in the sky

To hope to glimpse

on astral flight, 

our highest selves within the light

Then, The Cosmic Shanti 

brings us home, 

back to conscience earthly form

Refreshed, awakened, 

newly blessed, 

ready for what must be addressed

Entering reality 

a brand new being, 

open eyes a fresh new "seeing"

All because our body moved, 

we chanted, focused 

and pushed on through

Communed with Spirit, 

soul revived, 

every cell of you alive

The Cosmic Shanti shares her gift 

of love and soul and rise and lift

Disappears into her realm, 

until next time, begin again……

Grateful Heart Grateful Earth

Grateful Heart Grateful Earth

Grateful Heart Grateful Earth

Transforming lives

with grateful heart

Gave birth to 

Grateful Earth to start

A movement based 

on subtle shifts

Seeking energy 

in healing gifts

A healthful harvest 

from the earth

Inspired this 

creative birth

Of gratitude and trust and fun

Our mission here has just begun

Brain-healthy adaptogens infuse

Healing herbs to stress diffuse

Creative memory is designed

As Nootropics feed 

our working mind

Medicinal mushrooms,


All work together 

to lift your moods

Experienced balance 

with a strong reliance

On Mother Earth, 

research and science!

Delivered in your morning joe

Ancient wisdoms on the go

Join us as the dream's unfurled

Inspired to share this 

with the world…

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