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 In her first published collection, including the title poem, "The Queen of Happiness", Tina Ann offers mood-lifting, happiness-inspiring, perspective-shifting rhymes. encapsulating universal truths and practical tips into digestible reads and ideas. You will love this journey through the layers of happiness and life's choices. 



Tina Ann, aka, The Queen of Happiness, performs her poetry live at public and personal readings, seminars, open mics, as guided meditation and with gong and crystal bowl accompaniment. She also performs locally as a comedienne, actress and motivational speaker. 



 Former Corporate Senior Process Engineer and Quality Expert for Fortune 100 companies, is the author of soon to be released "The Happiness Process", a step-by-step, interactive  guide based on identifying and pursuing your own personal brand of happiness while living joyfully everyday, starting today!  

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 Tina Ann is Performance Poet, Speaker, Actress and Comedienne offering inspiriting and uplifting observations on life in poetry and prose,which she refers to as "Inspirtainment!"

Fresh from publishing her first collection of poetry, coincidentally named The Queen of Happiness, (available on Amazon), Tina Ann is on a mission to spread her message that everyday joy and happiness is only a few short perspective shifts away. 

As both artist and poet as well as Quality Expert and Process Engineer, Tina Ann takes an analytic approach to the intrinsic subjects of happiness, connections, passion and purpose

Location: San Juan Capistrano, CA

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 Tina Ann is a mother, grandmother, community activist and former corporate professional. Working for multiple Fortune 100 companies in her 25 year career, she is a Six Sigma Master Black Belt and completed hundreds of process improvement projects. 

Covering both sides of the spectrum, Tina Ann is as creative as she is analytical. Through poetry, art and music, she is continuously expressing herself as a performance poet, speaker and comedienne.  Her first book, a collection of inspiring and uplifting poems is available on Amazon.

Combining these disparate skills, Tina Ann uses her analytical, statistics-based approach to the intangible subjects of happiness and passion in her upcoming book, The Happiness Process.

Topics I Love to Discuss

Topics I Love to Discuss

Topics I Love to Discuss


Happiness Schmappiness: 

Why Happiness Matters

Don't Worry/Be Happy:

Kicking the worry habit

Everyday Happiness: 

Develop the skill of Happiness

Dare to Be Bad

Live your Passion, 

with or without Talent

The Joy of Acceptance

Learning to find and live in the flow

Creative Energy 

Using creative energy to raise your vibrations and your mood 

Interview Questions

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  • Who is The Queen of Happiness?
  • Why should we care about Happiness?
  • What do you do if you are not happy?
  • Isn't it selfish to focus on my own happiness all the time?
  • How can you be happier tomorrow?
  • What if I don't know what my passion is?
  • What is the most important ingredient in happiness?
  • What are the benefits of happiness?
  • What is the biological impact of happiness and lack of happiness?

How I Will Promote our Collaboration

How I Will Promote our Collaboration

How I Will Promote our Collaboration

Tina Ann and Arjan, dear friend and sound healer

Media and Appearances

How I Will Promote our Collaboration

How I Will Promote our Collaboration


Appearing at local open mic nights, Tina Ann is crossing the lines between comedy, inspiration and performance art

Writing and performing poetry, prose and rap at seminars, workshops, community and private events, Tina Ann is promoting her personal brand of "Inspirtainment" every chance she gets. 

(For now this is through regular FB LIVE and You Tube events) 

Past Events:

100 Days of Video

30 Days of FB LIVE

Happy Hour Podcast 

(Premiering May 26, 2020)